Temperatures will be around 30C this Tuesday in five provinces of Spain. EFE / Archive
Temperatures set to soar in five provinces of Spain today, including Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Temperatures set to soar in five provinces of Spain today, including Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Meanwhile, other parts of the country will be under a storm warning as unpredictable spring weather sweeps across the Spanish mainland this week

Isabel Méndez / Europa Press


Tuesday, 21 May 2024, 11:06

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Spring will demonstrate just how unpredictable it can be this Tuesday (21 May) with temperatures in some parts of the province reaching 30C, and other areas under a storm warning.

Malaga, on the Costa del Sol, will be one of the cities where the mercury is expected to be high with a top of 27C, as well as in Seville and Valencia. That will be exceeded in Murcia where a top temperature of 30 degrees is expected, the highest in the country today, and 29 in Cordoba.

The minimum temperature in Malaga city is expected to be 17 degrees, while on Wednesday the thermometers will rise a little more and will move between the expected minimum of 18C and a maximum of 28 degrees.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Mallorca, Gerona and Castellón, which will be under a storm warning. Spain's state weather agency (Aemet) forecasts unstable weather to continue this Tuesday in the north of the country, with cloudy or overcast skies on the Cantabrian slope and rainfall that will affect coastal areas and intensify in the afternoon. In the Pyrenees, northeast Catalonia and large areas of the Atlantic slope, there will be low clouds in the morning. Meanwhile, Aemet expects cloud cover in most of the country and the Balearic Islands that will leave showers occasionally accompanied by thunderstorms in the northern half of Spain and Mallorca.

Occasional showers have not been ruled out in other regions of the eastern coast of the country and the Balearic archipelago, which could be locally heavy in the northeast of Catalonia, inland Castellón and around the Cantabrian area. At high altitudes in the northern mountains, precipitation will be in the form of snow. In fact, the snow level will be around 1,800 - 2,000 metres in the northern half of Spain and no accumulations are expected except in the Pyrenees, where there will be light frosts. There will also be cloudy intervals in the Canary Islands with a low chance of weak and isolated showers in the north.

Maximum temperatures will tend to increase slightly in most of the country, more noticeably on the Valencian coast and with some decreases in the extreme west of Spain. On the other hand, minimum temperatures will fall in areas of the north-eastern third of the country.

Trade winds will blow in the Canary Islands with intervals of strong in exposed areas, southwest wind in the Balearic Islands, and predominantly westerly on mainland Spain; with more intense wind in the southern, northeastern areas and especially on the coasts, and reaching strong intervals in Alborán and the eastern Cantabrian Sea.

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