Francisco Salado, Margarita del Cid and Antonio Díaz with the author of the song and the creators of the campaign on Wednesday. Migue Fernández

'Shout my name': This is the video for the Costa del Sol's brand new tourism campaign

Grita mi Nombre will help promote the holiday destination at the Fitur international tourism fair held in Madrid from 24-28 January

Pilar Martínez


Wednesday, 17 January 2024


The Costa del Sol shouts its name proudly and does so with a daring and innovative video, with rejuvenated messages targeted, principally, at young people and which features a catchy song, Quiero Flojito, from local singer, Manuel Sarrión aka Desmelenao.

The president of Turismo Costa del Sol, Francisco Salado, has presented the new campaign under the slogan 'Shout my Name' (Grita mi Nombre) to promote the destination at Spain's Fitur international tourism fair, to be held in Madrid from 24-28 January.

Salado said: “The campaign is pure Malaga talent. From the music, the agency and the typography used. It represents a step forward in the promotion strategy of the Costa del Sol. We can and should do it precisely because of the leadership position we have.” The tourism board head added: “we cannot settle or rest on our laurels. We want to rejuvenate our messages and style, anticipate the new demands and markets of the new generations, not only the Millenials, but also the Generation Z.”

"The campaign transmits youth, joy, desire to live and a deep respect for the Costa del Sol, its history, its authenticity and its people", Salado said. He also highlighted how the destination is considered “unbeatable because we have everything: sun and beach, leisure, nature, culture, gastronomy, golf and luxury. But the most important thing is our people and their character, our hospitality and our way of life”.

Alejandro Lévar and Mateo García, responsible for the campaign carried out by the Malaga agency Narita and Dispar, said that the song Quiero Flojito allowed a unique trip along the coast in which real people “delight in everything that the destination offers, which we consider a brand, with a special style and way of being and living”.

Salado said that, with the slogan, 'Shout my Name' we want to show a Costa del Sol sure of itself, of its trajectory, of what it offers and transmits. The Costa del Sol as a place that is much more than a destination or a stage, but as a set of experiences and emotions that remain forever”.

“That is why we propose a 'road trip' of experiences through the province where we take the Costa del Sol to dance in the impressive Roman theatre of Acinipo, from the hand of Malaga José Manuel Benítez, who is the first dancer of the National Ballet. We dive into the Pimpi Florida of El Palo. We pay tribute to the pioneering and emblematic tourism of Torremolinos and the iconic Pez Espada hotel. We enjoy a starry night in the Torcal de Antequera, we look out over the Gato or Tesoro caves, we pass under the Marbella arch in a convertible, we sit in an alley of Comares or any other white town, and we play, laugh and hug each other on our beaches or forests,” Salado enthused.

Sarrión, 21, highlighted his “more than special” relationship with the Costa del Sol and described his album, as a mash-up of the myth of Don Juan Tenorio in the eyes of a young man from Generation Z, in which different styles and rhythms are mixed, from Hispanic music to electronics and copla.

Latest tourism figures

Salado also released the latest tourism figures and explained that the campaign goes to Fitur with the endorsement that 2023 has been the best year in the history of tourism on the Costa del Sol. A slight downside is the numbers of national tourists – these have have been lower than in 2022. Last year there were 6,158,000 national tourists, which is 8.1% more than 2019, but a decrease of 1.58% compared to 2022. Salado said: “We have returned to normal from the pandemic and to the usual structure of our tourism markets – the national tourist represents just over a third of the travelers.”

The tourism head stressed the importance of this market, noting that national visitors have generated an economic impact of 6.6 billion euros, a figure that represents a growth of 40% compared to the year prior to the pandemic, but which is 2.2% less than last year. “The income generated by national tourists, which represents 43.9% of the total, represents 34.63% of the total economic impact,” Salado said,

“The figures are very remarkable, with 2.2 million national passengers. We are in double-digit growth compared to previous years, but we are concerned that part of that increase is due to the problems that are too often occurring with [the high-speed train] AVE,” Salado said. Regarding accommodation, from January to November, 2.83 million national visitors were accommodated, which generated 7.57 million overnight stays.

With further details on the Fitur campaign, Salado explained that the objective “is to consolidate our national market figures” and that, for this, they will carry out actions focused on continuing to attract higher quality tourism, with a longer stay and more spending. The Fitur campaign has an investment of around 325,000 euros where, in the Andalusian pavilion, the Turismo Costa del So lbody will be accompanied by 180 entities, 600 professionals and representatives from some 60 towns. The Costa del Sol tourism body is to make some 40 professional presentations, highlighting the celebration of a special event next Wednesday to present the new campaign to the sector at the Florida Park venue of the Retiro.

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