Pipes are installed in preparation.
Seven million to be spent on biomass heating for public buildings in inland Malaga

Seven million to be spent on biomass heating for public buildings in inland Malaga

The initiative has been launched in eight villages in Sierra de las Nieves and is planned to expand to Valle del Genal, Antequera and Sierra Norte

Antonio M. Romero

Tuesday, 14 March 2023, 15:00


Malaga's provincial authority (the Diputación) has launched an initiative to heat a total of 23 public buildings across eight municipalities in the Sierra de las Nieves using biomass energy. With an investment of 6,778,763 euros, the work has already begun with the installation of pipes and radiators as well as preparing space to install the boilers.

Known as Bio+a Málaga, the scheme will provide heating for schools, health centres and libraries, among other buildings, in small municipalities and should see a reduction in their energy bills and CO2 emissions.

Biomass energy is generated by living or once-living organisms, most commonly plants. The energy source will be extracted from the mountains near the participating municipalities: Alozaina, Casarabonela, El Burgo, Guaro, Monda, Ojén, Istán and Tolox. In addition to a reduction in bills, employment opportunities are expected to be created for the extraction and treatment of biomass.

"The benefits are multiple," said the president of the provincial authority, Francisco Salado. "A project in which we have a lot invested is beginning to become a reality. Bio+a Málaga is part of the commitment we made through the Málaga Viva programme against climate change. With this plan, we will reduce CO2 emissions in these municipalities by 80% and their annual heating costs by 63%,” he said.

The installation of pipes in El Burgo began last January, while work has already been carried out in boiler rooms in Istán and Tolox.

According to the project schedule, the first boilers will be installed in April in Istán and work will continue gradually in the rest of the municipalities, finishing in September in Guaro.

The council has already begun studies to extend the scheme to the Antequera district and Sierra Norte.

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