The Parauta rabbit SUR
Missing Parauta rabbit remains at large

Missing Parauta rabbit remains at large

The one-metre-high figure, presumed stolen during the village's Fiesta del Conejo, has not surfaced despite a reward


Monday, 28 November 2022, 20:52

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Where is the Parauta rabbit? The one-metre-high rabbit figure has been missing since 12 November when the village in the Ronda mountains celebrated its Fiesta del Conejo (rabbit festival).

Despite offering a 100-euro reward for its safe return the town hall of this charming village of 251 inhabitants has had no clues as to its whereabouts.

Mayor, Katrin Ortega, said: “We had two rabbits. One was at the entrance to the village, which is the one that has disappeared, and the other at the sports centre where the festival took place. It could be anywhere in Andalucía now. It’s important to us”.

The rabbit has been a part of the festival since its inception 13 years ago and has a sentimental value for the villagers.

"We have not received a single lead, nothing at all," said Ortega.

"We believe that it will not appear, whoever has it will not deliver it. Out of shame? I don't know...," the mayor added.

Ortega said that the village was overwhelmed by the estimated 5,000 visitors who came for the festival which showcases many traditional rabbit recipes and a nearby Enchanted Forest installation with figures, such as fairies, and gnomes among the chestnut woods.

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