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Major step forward to improve railway line between Ronda and Bobadilla with compulsory purchase of 230 properties
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Major step forward to improve railway line between Ronda and Bobadilla with compulsory purchase of 230 properties

Spain's state rail infrastructure company, Adif, is set to award the latest 45-million-euro contract for the vital work to the important freight corridor

Chus Heredia


Sunday, 4 February 2024, 08:57

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The conversion of the Bobadilla-Ronda-Algeciras train line into a high-performance railway to meet the exacting standards demanded by today’s freight traffic is moving apace as the Spanish government is preparing the compulsory purchase of 230 properties in advance of upgrade works, which will also benefit passenger traffic.

The works will see huge improvements to the important freight corridor which runs between the Port of Algeciras and the new 'Puerto Seco' (dry port) in Antequera, and onwards to the rest of Spain and Europe.

The latest land to be expropriated for the renovation of 43 kilometres of track between Bobadilla and Ronda are in the Malaga province municipalities of Cañete La Real where 83 properties are to be snapped up by the state, Ronda (91), Campillos (5), Teba (8), Almargen (29) and the 14 in Setenil de las Bodegas (Cadiz province).

The compulsory purchases in question relate to the railway route between kilometres 26 and 69. The work plans to incorporate a third rail, so that the track can be used by Iberian and conventional gauge trains. Between kilometres 0 to 20 and 20 and 26 there are still environmental procedures, SUR has learned. All the information, affected farms and characteristics, was published in the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP) on Monday 29 January.

45-million-euro contract

The works will be awarded in the near future to Acciona, with an execution period of 19 months and a cost of 45 million euros. As well as the electrification of the line, the works will increase its gauge so that trains can carry containers, cutting the expensive on-road lorry journeys between Algeciras and Zaragoza.

The project in general can be summarised in three areas: electrification, installation of the third rail and expansion of the sidings (with extra works in stations).

The renovation of the trackbed between Bobadilla-Ronda joins the work already under way on this section of the line: the installation of a GSM-R mobile telecommunications system and the automatic lock, a system that guarantees the safety distance between trains, which has already been implemented on the line between Ronda and Algeciras.

Recently Adif also contracted the modernisation of the signalling between Ronda and Algeciras with the implementation in this section of the protection system for the digital ASFA train, fixed telecommunications, fixed and LED signalling and power system upgrade.

The entire Bobadilla-Ronda-Algeciras route covers 176 kilometres and all the works have received European funding through the FEDER initiative. Around 70% of those planned have been completed with a spend of 331 million euros out of a total of 472 million euros.

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