A picture of Alejandro with one of his cousins, with whom he lived at his aunt Nuria's house. SUR
Family's plea for help to find Alejandro, the young man from Ronda who vanished two months ago: 'We are still waiting for him'
Missing person appeal

Family's plea for help to find Alejandro, the young man from Ronda who vanished two months ago: 'We are still waiting for him'

The 25-year-old left for work on 3 May without his mobile phone or identification documents and nothing has been heard about his whereabouts since

Irene Quirante


Thursday, 4 July 2024, 09:07

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The despair of the family of Alejandro Navarro Ríos is absolute. Since 3 May when he went missing from Ronda, they have heard nothing of the 25-year-old's whereabouts. As his aunt Nuria explained, her only wish is to know that he is safe and well so that she can regain some peace of mind. "We need him to call us, to contact us and let him know that we are still waiting for him at home," she told SUR in the hope that her words will somehow reach the young man.

The disappearance of this Ronda-born young man is surrounded by mystery. According to sources, his disappearance was initially investigated as a possible voluntary runaway. "I know, or I want to believe, that he will be fine because he is a wheeler dealer and knows how to take care of himself, but we need answers," said his aunt. The last time he was seen, Alejandro was supposedly preparing to go to some rural labouring job, although in the end it seems that he did not get the work.

That morning he left home just as he stood, dressed for work. But he left without his mobile phone or his identity card. He didn't even have a backpack, Nuria added "He only left with a sandwich and two soft drinks for work." Nor was there any out-of-the-ordinary conversation, she said, or anything to suggest to the family that the young man had no intention of returning home. On the contrary, he was excited because, with the money he was going to earn from this work, he intended to buy some shoes that he wanted, she said.

Two months

Since then the family has not heard from him again. "It's been two months now and we are all very upset, my children, everyone... he is a very important person and we love him very much", said Nuria, worried about the lack of news about Alejandro. It seems that since SOS Desaparecidos (an independent association that publicises missing person cases in Spain) first put out the alert about his disappearance, it has received calls suggesting that he had been seen in Estepona and San Pedro Alcántara. But none of these calls have led to Alejandro's location being discovered.

According to Nuria, Alejandro's childhood was very complicated and marked by abandonment, among other problems. His life, however, began to stabilise at the age of 16, when she and her husband took him into their home as if he were their own son. "If you talk to him you can see that he is not well psychologically, although he has never been put on medication," she said. Despite this, she added, the young man is characterised by his "kind and cheerful" nature and his love of sport: "I always told him that he was the boy with the bike and he would jokingly reply that the bike was his girlfriend."

This is the first time, according to his aunt, that this young lad from Ronda has disappeared without trace and without saying anything to his family. "There was a time when he left and ran out of money and credit, but as soon as he could, he got in touch with us to let us know where he was; this is not normal for him", said Nuria, clearly worried about the situation. "If he reads this, he should know that we are not going to get angry and that we are anxiously waiting for news of him, we just want to know that he is ok."

Missing persons report

The family did not go to the police to report that he was missing until two days later because they were advised to wait a short while, according to Nuria, and because they hoped that at some point he would call them or walk through the front door. That is why the SOS Desaparecidos poster puts 5 May as the last time he was seen by family, despite the fact that 48 hours had already passed without knowing where he was.

It should be noted that the non-profit organisation always stresses the importance of reporting a disappearance as soon as it is noticed so that the alert is activated immediately and all possible means are mobilised to find the person within the first few hours of disappearing. They do not recommend the need for any period of time to elapse before filing a missing persons report with police.

Alejandro is of medium height, weighs about 70 kilos and, until the time of his disappearance, had short black hair. He has green eyes and an athletic build. "If anyone sees him, please let us know," implored Nuria, who is eager to "hug him again", as is the rest of the family.

If anyone knows where he is or is with him, they can call SOS Desaparecidos on 649 952 957 or 644 712 806. They can also report a sighting to the emergency services on 112, the National Police on 091, the Guardia Civil on 062 or the Local Police on 092.

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