This jam goes perfectly with cauliflower.
Avocado and tomato jam: the unusual combo cooked up by La Molienda Verde from the finest Malaga province ingredients
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Avocado and tomato jam: the unusual combo cooked up by La Molienda Verde from the finest Malaga province ingredients

This unique product is made from organic produce sourced from the Axarquia region by this Serranía de Ronda-based company

Javier Almellones

Friday, 26 April 2024, 17:48


It was not easy to find the right formula, but at La Molienda Verde it had been clear for some time that they wanted to make a jam using the most abundant subtropical fruit grown in the province of Malaga. After many tests to find the ideal texture and a good match, they found the key. Thus was born the latest jam of many varieties made by this small company from Benalauría in the Serranía de Ronda: avocado jam with tomato.

"We were missing a product whose main ingredient was avocado, which is so abundant in the province of Malaga and therefore very representative of the area", explained José Antonio Calvente, director at La Molienda Verde, who usually attends the main trade fairs in the food sector every year, such as Alimentaria or the Madrid Gourmet Fair. For each one of them, he usually cooks up a new product to try out with potential clients at these events.

So, their avocado jam with tomato, containing more of the subtropical fruit than tomato, was taken for the first time to the most recent H&T fair in Malaga. The good vibe generated by this jam at this event and the desired consistency achieved with the jam meant that it began to be marketed from that event onwards.

"As well as being a good option for breakfast, we also recommend it as an accompaniment to some dishes as a garnish, almost as if it were guacamole", Calvente explained. In fact, he suggested it can be eaten with nachos or cauliflower, giving a surprisingly tasty result.

This jam is made from organic avocados and tomatoes from the Axarquia region, although for the moment it is not certified as such. However, its main ingredients are organic and additionally they have very low food mileage (zero km in Spanish), which is in keeping with the philosophy of this small company from the Genal valley. "With avocado we also want to make another product that is not sweet, a pâté, but for the moment we haven't found the desired texture and flavour", says Calvente.

This jam, bearing La Molienda Verde label, can already be found in the usual commercial food shops and delis where this company distributes its products. Also, in the next few days, it will be available in LMV's online shop.

Other new products

Despite being a small business, La Molienda Verde proudly makes it known that they have almost a hundred product lines, which can only be explained by the management's eagerness to innovate. In fact, another of the products that is also being launched after its great success at the last Alimentaria food fair is the vinegar and orange marmalade. Although it is technically a jam, it is ideal for use as a garnish or, above all, as a salad dressing. Anyone attending the Gourmet Fair in Madrid (22-25 April) had a chance to taste it.

For this food fair, Calvente also took the final version of the avocado jam with tomato and another one, still in the testing phase, made from vermouth from a Malaga winemaker. "We want to complete our range of jams made with wine, as we have already had organic red wine from Ronda and Pedro Ximénez for some time now", he says. Unlike the previous wine-based jams, the vermouth will be packaged under the company's most recently created brand label, Experiencias del Sur.

La Molienda Verde, which was founded as a co-operative in 1996, is now a limited company that has undergone major development and change in recent years. Firstly, with the number of products and customers. Secondly, for coming up with unique products such as their gin and tonic jam, olive pâté (both green and black) and chestnut-flavoured chocolates. Lastly, it has been picked out to receive several awards, such as the Bioinnova award for its organic, dried cherry tomato, or the Agrosur award from Prensa Malagueña (category of Local Production and Development), the publisher of SUR.

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