The state of the cars after the accident. Fuengirola se queja
Police investigate illegal road race theory that left one young person injured on the Costa del Sol
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Police investigate illegal road race theory that left one young person injured on the Costa del Sol

Three vehicles were allegedly involved in the incident which left a minor, under 13 years of age, injured

Juan Cano


Tuesday, 9 January 2024


The Local Police in Malaga have opened an investigation to clarify whether illegal road racing was behind an accident which happened on the night of Three Kings involving three vehicles and in which a 13 year old minor was injured.

The officers who were alerted in the early hours of the morning of 5 to 6 January first intervened in the Avenida de las Malagueñas, in the Cortijo de Torres fairground area, a regular meeting point for people racing and skidding vehicles around.

The Local Police's 092 control room became aware that around 60 vehicles had gathered at the site, so they sent several patrols to break up the gathering. The police intervention was carried out without incident and the cars left the area.

However, it was not long before they received another call, this time on the Azucarera-Intelhorce road, where there had been a serious rear-end accident involving three vehicles, two of them with significant damage to their bodywork.

When they arrived, the police patrols found that there was a large gathering of both cars and young people on the pavement recording the scene, similar in context to the meeting they had just broken up in Cortijo de Torres.

The minor was reportedly a bystander with his father and not involved in the traffic accident. According to sources, he was taken by 061 ambulance to the Hospital Materno in the city.

Based on the state of the vehicles and eyewitness accounts, it appears that two cars were stopped at traffic lights and a third car - a black BMW - crashed at high speed into the back of one of them, although the violence of the impact caused them to hit the car next to them as well.

The investigation into the accident is now focusing on calculating the speed at which the BMW was travelling and whether it was taking part in a race or rally. To discover this, videos circulating on social media networks and messaging services are being examined, as well as images from security cameras in the area.

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