One of the punctuation marks being drawn in the sky this Monday, 8 November. / J. CALDERÓN

Why has a plane been 'drawing' question marks in the sky above the Costa del Sol?

Many people who spotted the odd sight are looking for answers, and now SUR can reveal that a local company is behind the unusual aerial work


Questions are being asked about why a light aircraft has been ‘drawing’ punctuation marks in the sky above the Costa del Sol this Monday, 8 November.

Many people have seen the smoke-trail question marks but wonder what it is all about. Have you?

Well, SUR has learned this aerial work is part of an advertising campaign by a Malaga company that has been coordinated with the authorities at Malaga Airport.

Sources at the airport on the Costa del Sol have revealed to SUR, that the entire operation is being coordinated by the control tower and has all the legal permits necessary.

But who and what is behind it all?

The answer will be revealed on Tuesday (9 November), when the company plans to make the campaign public. To know exactly what it is though, we will have to wait and watch the sky.