Eviction applications lodged with Malaga courts increased by 44% in 2021

Eviction applications lodged with Malaga courts increased by 44% in 2021

There were more than 2,017 cases of this type last year and more than half of them were for non-payment of rent

Irene Quirante


Thursday, 28 April 2022, 09:28

The number of applications for eviction registered at Malaga courts rose by 44% last year to a total of 2,017, compared with 1,402 in 2020.

According to the official figures, most of the increase was due to cases of non-payment of rent: there were 1,500 of these, which was 33.4% more than the previous year.

This has reversed the downward trend of the two previous years, after 1,697 cases were brought to court for failure to comply with the Law of Urban Rentals in 2018. In fact, that was the highest number since 2013, when the courts first began to register the statistics regarding cases of this type.

Failure to meet mortgage obligations

Last year there was also a major increase in the number of applications to evict property owners due to their failure to meet their mortgage obligations. In 2020 there were 234 such cases, and in 2021 the number rose to 430, an increase of 83.3%.

The courts also compile data about cases brought by people who want to evict others who are occupying their properties illegally and without their consent. The number of these cases was lower last year – 153, compared with 172 in the previous year. When the latest figures were compiled, 132 cases had been resolved and another 144 were still in process.

Claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal

The statistics also include claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal, and although there were 4,399 of these cases in Malaga in 2021, this was somewhat lower than in 2020, when there were 5,220.



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