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Police free three victims after multiple kidnapping in Marbella on the Costa del Sol

Police free three victims after multiple kidnapping in Marbella on the Costa del Sol

National Police officers police have rescued the men who had been kept handcuffed in a house in Benahavis for several days

Juan Cano


Wednesday, 21 December 2022, 09:41


Incidents of kidnapping are unusual but those which involve several victims are exceptional indeed. However, they do occur occasionally and the National Police have just rescued three men who had been kept against their will for several days at a house in Benahavis.

It appears that the men had been seized while they were at a property in Marbella. Their captors forced them into a car and took them to Benahavís, where they were kept handcuffed until the police discovered their whereabouts and carried out an operation to release them.

Five suspects have been arrested and remanded in custody in connection with the crime. They are being investigated for several offences including illegal detention, and the case remains open.

Several incidents a year

According to the Ministry of the Interior’s most recent report into crime, there were seven kidnappings in Malaga province between January and September this year, which is the same number as during that period in 2021.

Since then, the last reported case was on 15 October in Malaga city, when a man was summoned to meet a group of people to whom he apparently owed a large sum of money. They forced him in a car and took him to a warehouse on an industrial estate, where they threatened to cut him into pieces and put him in a large container.

He managed to escape later, back in the car, when his kidnappers pulled into a filling station in Benalmádena. He said he needed to go to the bathroom and his captors, who believed they had removed the mobile phones he was carrying, allowed him to do so. Once inside, however, he produced a phone they hadn’t found and wrote a message on the screen which he showed to someone inside; they then rang the emergency services and the police arrived very quickly.

Two cars involved

As officers approached the car, an individual got out and ran off, so two of them chased him while the others attended to the kidnap victim. He warned them that a second car in the petrol station was also involved, and the police arrested the two occupants on the spot.

The man who had run away was caught in El Higuerón area. He put up considerable resistance; one of the officers was injured in the struggle and needed surgery afterwards for a fractured arm.

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