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Victim escapes and kidnap attempt fails when captors stop for fuel at filling station in Benalmádena

The man told the police afterwards that he had been asked to meet someone in Malaga city but was forced into a car by three individuals


National Police officers are investigating a failed kidnap attempt which happened in Malaga last weekend. The victim managed to escape when his captors stopped for fuel at a filling station in Benalmádena.

The incident occurred on Saturday, 15 October. Sources say the man had turned up for a pre-arranged meeting in Malaga city but was grabbed by three individuals who forced him into a car and headed west down the motorway towards the Costa del Sol.

As they drove along they realised the vehicle was low on fuel and turned off the AP-7 to go to a filling station in Benalmádena. As the car stopped, the victim jumped out and ran away.

Second attempted kidnap this year

There was another kidnap attempt earlier this year, on Tuesday 24 January, when a North African man was seized as he was walking in El Pinillo area of Torremolinos. A car stopped, two men leapt out, kicked him and shook him violently and forced him into the vehicle. This occurred in full daylight and there were witnesses, one of whom rang the police and was able to give them the registration number of the car.

However, the police hardly had time to search for them because the kidnap ended a few minutes later when the assailants realised they had seized the wrong man. They let him out of the car at a petrol station on the dual carriageway; he had had a lucky escape, and suffered only minor injuries.