An electrical storm captured above Malaga Port on Sunday evening.

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An electrical storm captured above Malaga Port on Sunday evening. luis moret

More rain and storms expected in Malaga province this week, at least until Friday

But, on a positive note, some reservoirs now have enough water for four months, thanks to Storm Celia which has now moved away to be replaced by a new weather front from the Atlantic

Francisco Jiménez


Monday, 21 March 2022, 09:54


People in Malaga province have gone from counting on the fingers of one hand the number of rainy days during what appeared to be the driest hydrological year since records began in 1942, to taking an umbrella wherever they go. The reservoirs gained nearly 30 Hm3 last week, thanks to Storm Celia, which has now passed, but a new front from the Atlantic is expected to bring more rain all this week, with a likelihood of storms.

In general the rain is not expected to be intensive, although the Aemet weather office says there could be some heavy episodes late on Tuesday and during Wednesday.

However much rain falls this week, it is good news for the reservoirs. Although it will not be enough to lift the threat of drought, they have gained 29.6 Hm3 during the past week, which is approximately four months’ supply.

It has helped, but not enough

According to the Junta de Andalucía’s Hidrosur network, the reservoirs currently contain 220.5 Hm3, compared with 190.9 on Sunday 13 March. Nevertheless, this has to be seen in context because this time last year the amount of water stored was 364 Hm3.

By area, the Guadalhorce-Guadalteba system which supplies Malaga city has benefitted most. In the past week these three reservoirs (Guadalhorce, Conde de Guadalhorce and Guadalteba) have gained 18 Hm3 and now contain 143.6. The two smallest reservoirs in the province, Casasola and El Limonero, currently contain 10.4 and 10.3 Hm3 respectively.

Costa del Sol

On the western Costa del Sol, La Concepción reservoir has gained 6.3 Hm3, and is now 47 per cent full. However, the news is not so good in La Axarquía, where La Viñuela is still extremely low with 26.7 Hm3, just three more than a week ago and less than half the volume of water it contained at this time last year. At the moment, this reservoir in the region which has been most badly affected by the drought contains only 16.1 per cent of its capacity.

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