Some of the attendees at the charity-group networking event. N.H.
Voluntary groups unite at networking morning in Calahonda

Voluntary groups unite at networking morning in Calahonda

The meeting was organised by the British Benevolent Fund which raises money for residents in extreme need across Spain

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Friday, 24 March 2023


Working together to help vulnerable international residents was the theme of a lively networking morning held on Wednesday this week.

The well-attended event took place at Club La Naranja in Calahonda and was organised by the British Benevolent Fund (BBF).

Taking part were representatives from some 15 of the Costa del Sol charities and groups that provide support in English to foreign residents who need extra welfare support.

Explaining that the meeting was an opportunity for groups to get to know more of the work of the BBF, the charity's events organiser, Jenny Kaka, said it was a fund of last resort for UK nationals in emergency need. Although the BBF works closely with the UK Embassy, she stressed it relies entirely on donations and volunteers.

Some of the groups attending, including Age Care, Age Concern, Royal British Legion and La Cala Lions also partner with the BBF.

Also addressing the guests was Miriam Pérez, British Vice Consul in Malaga, who praised the work of volunteers in supporting UK nationals in many areas. For Mijas town hall, councillor for Social Services, Hipólito Zapico, highlighted the extra care needed with international residents who do not understand the local system due to language barriers. He added that the council was working with volunteer groups on more support in English for those with Alzheimer's.

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