A fire fighter at the scene of a container fire in Mijas. SUR
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Mijas town hall reveals cause behind wave of fires in rubbish containers, and it wasn't vandalism

Firefighters attended four such incidents over the Christmas period and a total of 12 containers were destroyed

Lorena Cádiz


Tuesday, 9 January 2024, 12:11


Mijas town hall has blamed poorly extinguished embers from domestic stoves or fireplaces for a series of blazes in rubbish container fires across the municipality during the Christmas holiday period. The Mijas fire brigade has published one of the videos which had been circulating on social media, and which ended up spreading to a total of three containers and damaging one vehicle.

In total, according to the council, there were four such incidents during the festive season which firefighters had to attend. Two of these were in La Cala de Mijas, one in Calahonda and a fourth in Mijas Pueblo. They happened on 27 and 28 December, and on 4 and 7 January. In all cases, the flames started in one of the containers, but ended up spreading to others. The fires caused no other significant damage, nor any personal injuries.

Municipal sources said that although it was at first thought that vandalism was behind these events, it was finally proven that in most cases it was due to embers that had not been completely extinguished. The council also said that with the exception of a container for recycling paper, which will be replaced soon, the rest of the burned containers have already been replaced.

Fire officials said that during the winter months, container fires caused by embers or poorly extinguished ash from stoves or fireplaces increase. One way to ensure that there is no risk of re-ignition is to place the embers in a metal container for at least 24 hours before placing them in the container.





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