Antonio poses with his donkeys, dressed in the new uniform. L. Cádiz
New 'uniform' for Mijas donkey taxi drivers

New 'uniform' for Mijas donkey taxi drivers

The workers who walk with the donkeys and drive the carriages in Mijas Pueblo will wear the same colours, in a new twist to the 50-year-old profession

Lorena Cádiz


Friday, 2 February 2024, 19:04


Drivers of Mijas Pueblo's donkey taxis have all now started wearing the same 'uniform' in a bid to smarten up the image of the service.

The move was approved by the town hall after agreeing on clothing that would be comfortable while working and adapt to summer and winter temperatures.

The drivers now all wear dark blue trousers or jeans, with a blue polo shirt in summer and a blue shirt and dark blue jacket or jumper in winter. "They are the first thing a tourist sees when they arrive in Mijas and it is important that they give an image of professionalism," councillor Marcos Cortés said.

Councillor Marcos Cortés with some of the Mijas donkey drivers.
Councillor Marcos Cortés with some of the Mijas donkey drivers. SUR

The move affects some 25 people who work with the donkeys in Mijas Pueblo.

The donkey drivers have come under fire in the past from animal activists who are against the trade. Antonio, who has been working with the donkeys in Mijas for 45 years, said the animals are not mistreated, while pointing out that trade has suffered in recent years due to activism and rising costs of animal maintenance.

"A sack of fodder costs 15 euros and a bundle of straw costs seven euros, when it was one euro just a few years ago. As well as feeding the donkeys, they have to be maintained," he said.

"The animals need to be looked after every day, there are no holidays in this job," said Antonio, who rejected the accusations of cruelty from some animal organisations.

"How can I mistreat an animal that is my way of making a living and that has been raised with me," he added.

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