Local Police save the life of a man who crashed his car after a heart attack in Fuengirola

Officers pulled the motorist from the vehicle and resuscitated him until an ambulance arrived


Fuengirola Local Police saved the life of a driver who crashed his car when he suffered a heart attack on Calle Calle Miguel Bueno.

Officers pulled the 73-year-old man from his car after he hit a wall. Their work resuscitating him saved his life while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

The incident took place shortly after 2.30 pm on Sunday 9 January. Onlookers reported the crash to police who promptly arrived on the scene. The car had smashed into the side of the house but no one apart from the driver was injured.

After removing the driver from the car, officers examined him and realised he was unresponsive. They then performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation manoeuvres until an ambulance crew arrived and were able to stabilise his condition. He was transferred to hospital by ambulance where he is now recovering.