The rapper was arrested in Fuengirola. / sur

Fuengirola rapper arrested for inciting hatred with his songs

His work, which he posted on social media, encouraged people to kill police officers and some politicians and he was detained as part of an operation carried out in 11 countries


Spain's Guardia Civil has detained a rapper from Fuengirola who is accused of inciting hatred in his songs, which he posts on social media. The words of his songs are said to encourage people to kill police officers and politicians such as Spain’s former prime minister and leader of the Partido Popular, Mariano Rajoy, and Santiago Abascal, the head of the Vox party. He is also said to have praised armed combat and attacks on other countries. Most of his work was posted to YouTube and Instagram.

He was arrested on Thursday 7 April, accused of hate crime, and after appearing in court he was released while the investigation continues. His detention is part of an important operation against hate crime at European level, in which the police forces of 11 countries are taking part. It is coordinated by Europol through the European Centre for the Fight against Terrorism, which is a French initiative.

On the same day similar arrests were made elsewhere in Spain and in France, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal and Romania.

Sources at the Guardia Civil said that the operation is aimed at crimes of hate, racism and xenophobia, and that supposed anonymity on social media does not put them off the trail. “Those who spread violence and hatred on the Internet will be found and investigated,” they said.