The Pension Sante Fe in Los Boliches has been ordered to close. L. Cádiz
Fuengirola guesthouse ordered to close due to poor state of repair and health reasons

Fuengirola guesthouse ordered to close due to poor state of repair and health reasons

The 36-room Pension Santa Fe failed a council inspection for hygienic-sanitary conditions, while local residents claimed the place was rife with insect infestations, including bed bugs

Lorena Cádiz


Tuesday, 10 October 2023

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A historic guesthouse in Fuengirola has been ordered to shut down due to poor levels of cleanliness.

The Pension Santa Fe guesthouse in Los Boliches failed an inspection carried out by the town hall. "The establishment did not meet the required hygienic-sanitary conditions," the council said.

The accommodation dates back to the 1950s before the tourism boom on the Costa del Sol. Those who have lived in the neighbourhood said one of its first owners was a Danish woman who maintained the 36-room guesthouse. Then it changed hands and for more than a decade has been a blight on the neighbourhood amid claims of noisy guests and insect infestations.

"Fifteen years ago they could have closed it down," said one resident who wished to remain anonymous. "There is no need for anyone to tell me, I have seen with my own eyes people coming out of there with bedbug bites," another local said. The town hall did not confirm the presence of bed bugs upon its inspection, or any other insect infestations, but said the closure was due to a continued "lack of cleanliness and maintenance".

"What was there was inhuman: bedbugs, cockroaches and absolute neglect," said a local resident, who also pointed out that in recent years many of the local homeless people lived inside. "They threw things off the balconies, spat on each other, there were fights," added one resident. "If I had had the money, I would have bought it and renovated everything, it's potentially a good business. There are 36 rooms inside and it is next to the sea," a trader on the same street said.

A look at past reviews and ratings by people who had previously stayed at the Santa Fe guesthouse between 2012 and 2019 revealed it was in a poor state. "Too bad I didn't get my ass kicked when I climbed the first staircase," one review said. "Booking portals should not advertise this Pension," another said. "The mystery of this Pension is that despite the deplorable state it has been in for 40 years, it is still open and its filthy doors have not been closed"; "not to return" or "Sanidad (Health) should close it, they haven't cleaned it in years," other reviewers said. It is unclear what the future holds for the premises.

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