Body of man found in nets of fishing boat at Fuengirola port
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Body of man found in nets of fishing boat at Fuengirola port

The corpse of the male victim, which is now being examined by forensic experts, was found when the trawler was emptying its catch at the quayside

Irene Quirante / Juan Cano


Friday, 7 June 2024, 20:37

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The body of a man was found this Friday, 7 June, when a fishing boat returned to the port in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol. SUR has learned that the body was discovered at around 3pm when the trawler was emptying its nets, in which the deceased victim was found.

According to sources, it is suspected that the man had been dead for some time due to the signs of decomposition that, on first inspection, the body showed. The man was dressed in a tracksuit and was wearing sports shoes.

Apparently it was the fishermen who found the body when emptying the nets. They spotted one of his shoes between loads, according to sources. The workers immediately alerted the Guardia Civil which has jurisdiction over the port facility.

The body has now been transferred to a Malaga city hospital for X-rays to detect any internal fractures or other signs of violence. Subsequently, it will be taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) for an autopsy.

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