Video: Bizarre struggle captured on camera moments before shots fired in middle of Marbella street

The incident, which left a 21-year-old man needing hospital treatment after being hit by bullets in the knee and genital areas, may have been linked to a cash or drugs robbery attempt

Wednesday, 3 April 2024, 13:52


Marbella was once again the scene of a shooting in the early hours of Tuesday morning, the fifth in just over a month. It happened in Nueva Andalucía but, before those involved opened fire, there was an alleged struggle in which two people tried to snatch a bag from someone else, according to CCTV images seen by SUR.

Police investigators are trying to identify those involved in this latest incident and discover what was inside the bag, although sources said it was most likely money or drugs. The struggle was only interrupted by the gunshots, after which the three suspects got into two vehicles. Several local residents phoned the 112 emergency number to alert the authorities.

The shooting was reportedly between people inside two vehicles. National Police officers are investigating whether there was crossfire or whether the trigger was only pulled from one of the cars. Shots were still being fired when the first patrol car arrived, but the police presence then caused those involved in the incident to flee the scene.

The incident resulted in a 21-year-old man being rushed to Hospital Costa del Sol in Malaga with at least two bullet wounds, one in the knee and another in his genital area.

This was the fifth shooting incident in Marbella in just over a month and the third where a person has been injured and rushed to hospital. Almost all of these incidents have occurred in the Nueva Andalucía area.

Five arrests

National Police have already solved two of the incidents that have happened since February. On 2 April, the provincial police station reported the arrest of two people for allegedly spraying the window of a restaurant in Nueva Andalucía with gunshots on 11 March. No one was injured, although the suspects reportedly fired at least 15 shots. They approached the premises on a motorbike with one of the perpetrators getting off and opening fire on the business, according to investigators. They then fled in the same vehicle. The suspects are allegedly linked to organised crime, police said. Both have been remanded in custody.

About a fortnight ago, three other people were also arrested for their alleged connection with the first of the five shootings, which took place in Nueva Andalucía on 10 February. A young Swedish man was left injured after he was shot in the arm and leg. According to investigators, it was a settling of scores between rival gangs in Sweden. The suspects are charged for their alleged involvement in a double murder attempt, according to the provincial police station. Two of them were remanded in custody.

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