Talk Radio Europe gears up for the One in a Million crowdfunding campaign

The radio station will use its weekend programmes to encourage listeners to donate


Talk Radio Europe (TRE) is hosting the Joan Hunt One in a Million crowdfunding campaign this weekend in a bid to raise one million euros to help create and operate the first ever palliative care in-patient unit in Andalucía for children and teenagers. In addition to the in-patient unit, the money raised will support the organisation and training of a team of professionals to provide home care, day-care and in-patient care for children suffering from a variety of life-limiting conditions.

TRE presenters will be using their shows over the weekend to encourage donors to help them hit the target, and every donation made between Friday (today) and midnight on Sunday will be matched by the initiative's sponsors.

TRE President Martin Nathan said, "Please spread the word and support our campaign by giving generously. Let's get the job done."