Malaga equals the all-time maximum temperature record with a scorching 44.2C

Malaga equals the all-time maximum temperature record with a scorching 44.2C

The official weather station at the Costa del Sol airport has matched the highest value that was recorded on 18 July 1978

Juan Soto


Wednesday, 19 July 2023, 19:48


Malaga has equalled its all-time record high temperature in the city this Wednesday, 19 July. According to data compiled by Spain's state weather agency Aemet the thermometer located at the airport reached 44.2C, which equalled a record that had not been reached for more than 40 years. The last time was on 18 July 1978.

This is the second time in the last seven days that Malaga has been in the news for extreme temperatures. Last Wednesday, 12 July, the hot 'terral' wind was responsible for the fourth highest temperature since statistical records began in 1943, with 43.3 degrees.

In order, and after the historical maximum record was equalled this Wednesday, it is followed by those in 1994, when 44C was recorded; 1950, with 43.8 degrees and yesterday (43.3C), which ousted the year 2021, with 42.6, to fifth position.

The Costa del Sol and the Guadalhorce valley are this Wednesday under a red warning for high temperatures (amber in Axarquia). According to the Aemet itself, the maximum temperature was expected to reach 42 degrees, a figure that has been exceeded in the last few hours. The warning for extreme temperatures will remain active until 8.59pm, although the heat will continue to make its presence felt over the coming hours and days.

Tonight it is also expected to be difficult to get to sleep. Aemet forecasts that Malaga will record one of the hottest nights of the year with minimum temperatures of up to 29 degrees.

A yellow warning is expected to be activated for tomorrow in a large part of the province (Costa del Sol, Valle del Guadalhorce, Antequera and Axarquia). The initial estimate is for temperatures to reach 38C in many areas, and for the mercury to exceed 39 degrees in parts of the Guadalhorce valley.

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