Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Jordi Cruz, filming at the Cofradía de la Paloma. Cecilia Bayonas / MasterChef
Bishopric of Malaga demands answers after MasterChef films in two city brotherhoods
Semana Santa 2024

Bishopric of Malaga demands answers after MasterChef films in two city brotherhoods

The popular television cooking competition has come under fire for filming close-ups of the brotherhoods' sacred images on their floats - considered a mark of disrespect

Jesús Hinojosa


Tuesday, 26 March 2024, 16:56


The Bishopric of Málaga is demanding explanations after popular cooking show MasterChef filmed segments with the Estudiantes and La Paloma brotherhoods in the city

According to sources, the diocese called a meeting on Monday with the elder brother of Estudiantes, Jorge Alcántara, to discuss the controversy after camera crews filmed against the backdrop of sacred images of the two brotherhoods already on their processional floats.

In the case of Estudiantes, the recording took place outside the brotherhood premises, in Calle Alcazabilla, although the doors of the building were open. However, in the case of La Paloma, the cooking show contestants were filmed inside the brotherhood building in Plaza de San Francisco.

However, sources from the Cofradía de la Paloma told SUR they have not yet been summoned by the diocese, which has declined to make any statement on the matter. SUR has also tried unsuccessfully to contact the eldest brother of Estudiantes after the meeting with the Bishopric on 25 March - a meeting in which, according to sources, the diocesan delegate for brotherhoods Salvador Guerrero attended.

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After SUR reported on the recording of the MasterChef programme dedicated to Holy Week in Malaga last Wednesday 20 March, comments were made on social media against the filming which was done with the sacred images of the brotherhoods as a backdrop. However, according to sources, the programme's production company assured the images of Christ and the Virgin would not be taken close-up and that the brotherhoods would be shown what was to be broadcast on TVE's La 1, possibly in June, so they could give their approval.


SUR can also confirm another of the recordings of the MasterChef episode took place in Plaza del Obispo, with the facade of the Cathedral as a backdrop. The filming took place outside the atrium of the church, in the square, although the Cathedral Chapter facilitated the work of the production company, opening the grille of the atrium so a shot of the square could be taken from a higher level.

SUR has learned that initially the production company of MasterChef, which has declined to comment on the controversy, contacted the Arch confraternity of Esperanza and the Congregation of Mena to carry out the filming. However, they ruled out Mena because the images were not yet in place on the thrones for the day of filming, and Esperanza refused to host the programme. So they looked for alternative locations.

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