One of the speed camera locations on the A7 Malaga ringroad. / SALVADOR SALAS

Two Malaga speed cameras generate the third and fourth highest number of fines in Spain

The devices on the A-7 motorway have issued more than 90,000 fines to speeding drivers between 2017 and 2021


Two speed cameras in Malaga generate the third and fourth highest number of fines in Spain, the latest report from the country's traffic authority, the DGT, shows.

The report, which covers the four-year period, from 2017 to 2021, shows that the speed camera located at kilometre 246 of the A-7, at Cerrado de Calderón (in the direction of Almeria) recorded 47,246 speeding offences – the third highest in the country. And the speed camera at kilometre 257 in Rincón de la Victoria (in the direction of Malaga) recorded 45,648 infringements.

Malaga province also appears in twelfth position on the DGT list of speed cameras which recorded the most infringements for a camera on the MA-20 at kilometre 10, which resulted in 36,619 fines.

In 2020, five speed cameras in Malaga had the dubious honour of being among the most active in Spain. At that time the camera by Cerrado de Calderón caught 48,771 speeding drivers, making it the number one in the country.