Parents of newborn baby abandoned in Malaga park last month arrested

Parents of newborn baby abandoned in Malaga park last month arrested

The father and mother allegedly left the baby girl in bushes, near where she was born, and it was some four hours before her faint cries were heard by a passer-by


Tuesday, 7 November 2023, 17:02

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National Police officers have arrested the parents of the newborn baby girl abandoned on 14 October in a park in Malaga. The suspects, a man and a woman, aged 26 and 24, have been arrested in Malaga and Cordoba for their alleged involvement in attempted murder.

After many hours of viewing security camera footage, a visual inspection of the scene, in addition to the collaboration of forensic and homicide officers in Malaga, officers managed to identify the father of the abandoned child and then located the whereabouts of the mother.

The date of the birth was estimated, according to the investigation, to be between 3am and 4am on Saturday 14 October, the National Police said in a statement.

A passer-by found the baby, naked and with signs of hypothermia, at around 8.30am. The newborn was found alive in some bushes in a park in the area of El Duende and was then rushed in a National Police patrol vehicle straight to hospital.

Police gathered evidence that showed how the newborn baby was left unattended for approximately four hours. The place of birth was close to the bushes where the child was abandoned.

The Homicide Group and the forensic officers were able to identify the alleged father of the child, who was arrested by police on Monday in Malaga.

Subsequently, officers arrested the mother of the newborn, in Cordoba, with the collaboration of the Homicide Group in the Andalusian city.

The father and mother are currently in police custody at the Malaga and Cordoba provincial police headquarters, respectively.

Regarding the child, who is reportedly in good health, the Junta de Andalucía has initiated abandonment procedures and protection measures for her.

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