The National Police officers who saved Ángela. Fuengirola Se Queja
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This is how Ángela, the newborn baby found abandoned in Malaga street, was saved by police

The infant arrived at the hospital with a very low body temperature, covered with ants and with the umbilical cord still attached

Irene Quirante


Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 17:08


A newborn baby found abandoned in the streets of Malaga city - still with the umbilical cord attached - has been named Ángela, after the officers who saved her and the patron saint of the National Police.

The girl was barely two or three hours old when a local resident heard her faint cries and discovered her on the ground at the end of Calle Actriz La Tirana, near the Parque del Duende about 8.30am on Saturday 14 October. The man had just popped out to walk his dog when he followed the cries to a nearby bush and found Ángela, covered only with a sweatshirt. She even still had the umbilical cord with blood on it attached to her. Police rushed to the scene and found Ángela had a very low body temperature, and her skin had already started to develop a purplish tinge.

According to sources, the police officers decided to transport the baby themselves to the city's Hospital Materno-Infantil as Ángela's breathing was so weak. At the hospital, health workers found she was covered with ants, but despite her poor condition, she was stabilised and found to be in good health.

Neither the policemen nor medical staff could suppress their joy when they saw how well the little girl was doing. It was then, according to sources, that the nurses proposed the child should be given a name and asked the police officers what their patron saint's name was, which was Ángela.

Open investigation

According to sources from the Junta de Andalucía, a police investigation has been launched to locate the baby's parents. If they cannot be located, the Junta will assume her guardianship where she could be adopted or referred to a foster family, as per protocol.

On Tuesday morning, the government delegate in Andalucía, Pedro Fernández, said, "they are checking the DNA database" to find out the identity of the person who left the child in the street. According to witnesses, police officers cordoned off and scoured an open field about a kilometre away from where the baby was located which could be where the mother gave birth.





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