Man injures ex-girlfriend with a knife and leads police on a chase from Malaga city to Antequera
Violence against women

Man injures ex-girlfriend with a knife and leads police on a chase from Malaga city to Antequera

The arrested man, who had a restraining order against him, got in the woman's car and threatened her after she had dropped her son off at school

Juan Cano


Tuesday, 20 February 2024, 14:33


A man has been arrested after allegedly injuring his ex-girlfriend with a knife and leading police on a dangerous chase from Malaga city to Antequera where he smashed into other vehicles.

The woman had dropped her child off at a school in the Cruz del Humilladero area in Malaga city last Friday 16 February when she returned to her car and was allegedly confronted by her ex-partner, whom she had taken out a restraining order against. She was about to drive off when the man allegedly got in the passenger seat and threatened her with a knife.

She pushed the knife away, causing a cut to her hand, and got out of the car to call for help. The man, a 51-year-old of Moroccan origin, also got out of the car and fled.

Police tried to locate him but were unsuccessful. The next day, Saturday 17 February, a Local Police patrol found him driving a black Volkswagen Polo with a young man in the passenger seat in the western area of Malaga city. The man allegedly took off at speed hitting another car and almost running over a man on a scooter crossing the street in front of the provincial police station.

The driver fled onto the Malaga ring road in the direction of Almeria and then the A-45 (Las Pedrizas) in the direction of Antequera. According to sources, the man allegedly drove in a reckless manner, constantly swerving so patrol cars pursuing him would crash, and even trying to ram them several times.

Near Antequera, the driver left the dual carriageway and drove in the opposite direction on a local road where he allegedly almost collided head-on with a motorcyclist and one of the police cars. When slowing down, the young man in the passenger seat jumped out of the moving car. Police stopped him, and he told officers the driver prevented him from getting out of the car during the chase and threatened him when he tried to apply the handbrake. The driver eventually crashed and was arrested by the Guardia Civil in the Antequera area.

Attention to victims

The 016 telephone number for victims of gender-based violence is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as well as the email or the WhatsApp channel via the number 600 000 016. It is an anonymous, confidential and free resource, available in 53 languages and accessible to people with disabilities.

In cases of abuse victims can also phone 112 or the emergency numbers of the National Police (091) and Guardia Civil (062). If it is not possible to make a call, they can contact officers through the Alertcops application, from which an alert signal will be sent to the police with a geolocation.

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