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Malaga's video game museum to open to public early in new year

Tickets to visit the new cultural facility, OXO, are already on sale and cost between 9 and 15 euros


Malaga's new video game museum, going by the name of OXO, and located in Plaza del Siglo, will open to the public on 27 January. The 2,000-square-metre museum, in the stately provincial council building, is set across three floors with an attic restaurant.

It will feature a permanent collection, which will review the history of video games from the 1970s to the early years of the 21st century, a temporary exhibition space, and an OXO labs venue, dedicated to experimentation.

A presentation on Tuesday showcased the new cultural facility promoted by the Diputacion, Malaga's provincial authority, and developed by the Malaga business group Kaiju Group, promoter of La Fábrica del Videojuego, Gamepolis and FreakCon.

President of the Diputacion, Francisco Salado, and the CEO of Kaiju Group, Javier Ramos, said the centre expects to welcome 170,000 people during its first year of activity and have fifty employees. The Malaga-based business group will manage the museum after winning the tender for the administrative concession of the space for 35 years, which can be extended for the same period. Salado said OXO is an essential project to turn Malaga province "into the first 'gamer' destination in Spain".

OXO will house five gems from the inception of the videogame era. These include c (Magnavox, 1972), considered the first video game console in history, created by Raph Baer, the father of digital entertainment. In a very short time it became a sales phenomenon, especially in the United States, since its commercialisation in the early 1970s. It offered a very basic design and a catalogue of around twenty games, with its table tennis and volleyball options being firm favourites.

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Also on display are the arcade games of Pac Man (Namco, 1980) and Pong Knockout (Unis); the much loved handheld Game and Watch (Nintendo, 1980 - 1986), and other classic Nintendo games among a host of others.