Malaga's dossier is already in the hands of the BIE. / sur

Malaga's bid to host Expo 2027 is now officially under way

There are five countries competing to host the event and the winner will be decided by an international forum within a year


The examination that Malaga will have to pass if it wants to host the Expo 2027 has begun: the period given by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) in Paris for countries to provide it with a dossier about their cities which want to host the event has now closed.

Malaga’s proposal is called The Urban Era: Towards The Sustainable City, and it is hoping to host the Expo between 5 June and 5 September 2027 on the Buenavista site. Its dossier has already been delivered in person to the general secretary of the BIE, Dimitri S. Kerkentzes, by dipomat Juan José Escobar, the ambassador for Malaga’s candidacy. The countdown has now begun to finding out whether it will be successful.

Other candidates wishing to host Expo 2027 are Bloomington (USA), Phuket (Thailand), Belgrade (Serbia) and San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina). The next stage of the process will be on 20 June when the five countries will present their projects to the international forum which will eventually choose the winner through a vote which is expected to take place within the next year. Before then, representatives from the BIE will visit Malaga, possibly in late September or early October.


They will look at the proposed dates for the Expo, its theme, the aims and expected results, the level of support among citizens, political parties and businesses; the legislative, organisational and financial measures adopted with regard to the candidacy, the communication and promotion strategy, the site, the content of the pavilions, the plans for use of the buildings and infrastructures after the Expo, the estimated number of visitors to the event, the accommodation available for them, the economic viability of hosting the event, the budget and estimated cost.

To get through to the first round, a country must obtain support from two-thirds of the 170 countries at the assembly. If none of them have that much support, the one with the fewest votes will be eliminated and this will be repeated until there are only two in the running. Then, the host country will be chosen by a simple majority.