The commercial spaces are spread throughout the facilities. SUR
As sales rocket by 20%, new contracts awarded for 14 stores at Malaga Airport

As sales rocket by 20%, new contracts awarded for 14 stores at Malaga Airport

Airport operator Aena has announced some of the new brands that are heading to the extensive commercial areas scattered around the gateway to the Costa del Sol

Pilar Martínez


Friday, 14 June 2024, 11:32

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Malaga Airport is expanding its commercial offer to passengers using the gateway to the Costa del Sol. Airport operator Aena has announced fourteen new shops, in addition to another ten existing ones that have not been included in this process, with which it intends to diversify the offer.

"The proposal of the new shops is aimed at the heterogeneous profile of passengers who travel daily through the airport and who will be able to find everything from toys and sweets to accessories, gifts and souvenirs", according to Aena.

In the 1,500-metre shopping space areas at Malaga airport, international companies coexist with major Spanish and other local brands. Among them, Superskunk, Relay, Natura, Victoria's Secret, WH Smith and LOL. The new additions include jewellers Majorica, the Malabarium gift shop, Roca Stamp and Ale Hop. "The retail outlets occupy more than 1,500 square metres and are distributed throughout the airport, from the large shopping plaza beyond the security area, to the three boarding areas, the transit areas and the arrivals area," Aena said.

Aena pointed out that with the awarding of the new contracts, the renovation of the airport's commercial areas continues, which will be extended to the rest of the shops and, later, to the catering establishments, of which there are currently 24. "The tender process has affected most of the airport shops currently in existence. Eleven others are not included in the tender as their contracts are still in force," Aena said.

The company added that this action began with a brand conference in which the head of Aena's commercial and real estate directorate general, María José Cuenda Chamorro, visited the airport and presented the offer of spaces to the different companies in the sector 'in situ'. The meeting brought together more than 50 representatives from 27 interested companies. Chamorro encouraged local operators to bring their firms to the airport and give these facilities their own character. "We want them to have a greater presence," she said, emphasising the advantages of doing business in areas of high traffic and service quality such as Aena airports and, specifically, in the Malaga infrastructure, which closed 2023 with 22,344,373 passengers and 161,684 flights.

Chamorro told SUR that last year sales in the commercial area of these facilities grew by 20 per cent compared to 2019, and that the pace so far this year is even greater with an increase of 21 per cent compared to 2023, which has been its best year in the history. She also recalled that it is the fourth in Spain in terms of passengers and also in the volume of business generated by the commercial and catering area.

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