The brewery by Malaga Airport has been in operation for over half a century. / salvador salas

San Miguel to invest eight million euros to make its Malaga plant ‘greener’

The company wants the brewery by the airport, which has been in operation for 55 years, to behave like a 'responsible citizen'


The Mahou San Miguel group is planning to invest over eight million euros on modernising its brewery close to the airport in Malaga, which opened 55 years ago. The aim is to improve the energy efficiency of the installations and the production processes. The plant has over 120 employees and in the past decade the group has invested at least 32 million euros in improvments.

“We want this brewery to behave like a responsible citizen; for over 55 years it has been contributing to the economic and social progress of its environment and that is why, year after year, we invest more to ensure levels of efficiency, quality and competitiveness which allows us to continue generating employment and wealth locally, with as little impact on the environment as possible,” Manuel Heredia, director of the Mahou San Miguel production centre in the city, explained.

In the past ten years the plant has reduced its energy consumption by 10% and its CO2 emissions by 9%, and all of the electricity it uses comes from renewable energies.

Carbon neutral in 2030

The group is also aiming for the plant to be carbon neutral (eliminating as much CO2 from the atmosphere as it emits) by 2030, and increasing its energy efficiency is another of the priorities.

Mahou San Miguel is also working on eliminating plastic from its packaging and materials, with the aim of using no virgin plastic at all by 2030. At present, 50% of the shrink-wrap material the brewery uses is recycled and all its cardboard is sustainable.