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Everything you need to know about this year’s Three Kings parade in Malaga

The huge Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos parade on Thursday, 5 January, will involve 16 floats and distribute around 20,500 kilos of sweets


Malaga’s Three Kings parade will return in all its splendour this year. After the suspensions and watered-down parades due to Covid, this Thursday, 5 January, the streets of the city will see their Majesties Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar pass by again without the need for face masks and social distancing. It is a festive tradition that is the icing on the cake of Christmas events over the past few weeks.

The city hall’s councillor for Festivities, Teresa Porras, has this week detailed the schedules and the route that the parade of the Three Wise Men will follow in the capital of the Costa del Sol, in addition to providing information related to the number of floats that will participate and the quantity of sweets that are expected to be distributed to children.

Teresa Porras announces the programme for the event. / FRANCIS SILVA


As usual, the afternoon will begin at the doors of the Malaga City Hall. At 5.30pm, Their Majesties will be welcomed by the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, with musical accompaniment by the municipal band. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar will appear on the balcony of the civic building. On the occasion of the centenary of the celebration of the Three Kings parade in Malaga, the mayor will be presented with a cake from Their Majesties.

Beginning of the parade

The start of the parade of floats is scheduled to start just afterwards, at 6pm, as the Three Wise Men begin the long-awaited tour of the streets of the city.

Exact itinerary

The City Council has said that the parade will start from the City Hall to make its way through different streets in the city centre. It is expected that the floats will pass through Avenida de Cervantes, Plaza General de Torrijos, Paseo del Parque, Plaza de la Marina, Alameda Principal, Puente de Tetuán, Calle Nazareno del Paso, Calle Hilera, the Puente de Tetuán, Calle Prim, Calle Atarazanas, Calle Puerta del Mar, the Alameda Principal, Calle Puerta del Mar, the Alameda Principal, the Plaza de la Marina and the Cortina del Muelle.

Walking tour

Their Majesties, at the end of the parade, will walk the distance between Calle Molina Lario and Plaza del Obispo. The traditional offering to the Child Jesus will be held at the doors of the Cathedral and the Escalonía del Orfeón Universitario de Málaga will offer a concert.


A total of 16 floats will take part in the parade. In addition, there will be a thousand extras and music groups that will add atmosphere to the parade. Float number 13 will stand out, as it will carry 100 children to mark the centenary of the Three Kings parade.


The parade will distribute about 20,500 sweets and jellies, the City Council had reported. There will be gluten-free jelly beans. Organisers have reinforced their message to parents and have asked for extreme vigilance for the little ones so that reaching for sweets does not lead to an accident of any kind.


The large number of floats will cover a wide range of themes. Dolphins, Smurfs, Transformers, princesses and lions, among others. A number of religious brotherhoods will also have their own floats.

Coronavirus restrictions

"This year will be one of the most important parades, filled with hope and it will be a parade that Malaga deserves", said the councillor for Festivities. Porras congratulated the end of coronavirus restrictions to make the celebration of a parade possible that will not be marked by face masks or social distancing.