Malaga’s Regional Hospital. / SUR

Four Covid outbreaks, involving 121 patients and staff, confirmed at Malaga’s Regional Hospital

The coronavirus outbreaks are in the digestive, neurosurgery, internal medicine and adult intensive care units


Officials at Malaga’s Regional Hospital (formerly the Carlos Haya) have confirmed there have been four outbreaks of Covid-19 in various departments in the city hospital.

So far, the total number of infected people has risen to 121. To the already reported outbreak in the intensive care unit with 95 infected health professionals, and on the neurosurgery ward, with five patients who have tested positive, must be added those that have been detected in the digestive unit, where there are 15 infected people (four of them are health staff), and in the internal medicine unit, with five infected patients and one member of staff.

No complications

Most of those infected, who are isolated, are asymptomatic or present mild symptom and sources from the Regional Hospital say that reason for the patients' admission to hospital were not related to SARS-CoV-2, and they have not had to be treated for complications caused by the virus.

The same source specified that in the outbreak associated with the adult intensive care unit, none of the 95 professionals who tested positive have required hospital admission, so they are gradually rejoining their jobs after testing negative in the PCR tests at the end of their isolation period.

Extra healthcare staff

The hospital stressed that only in the case of outbreak associated with the ICU that has it been necessary to hire extra healthcare staff, consisting of some 48 professionals.

"All the staff of this department and others have demonstrated their commitment to the hospital complex, as has been the case since the beginning of the pandemic, showing total dedication and giving maximum effort to face the situation from the first wave," the source highlighted.

Regular screening

As part of its active surveillance programme for coronavirus, the hospital carries out periodic and systematic screening of all patients admitted. From the beginning of the health crisis, and to avoid intra-hospital infections, PCR tests are performed on all patients who are hospitalised, those who are about to undergo a surgical operation (urgent or scheduled) and those who undergo invasive diagnostic tests.

In addition to PCR tests upon the admission of non-Covid patients, and to rule out the possibility that they are asymptomatic, screening is also performed periodically to rule out that patients are infected, indicated the hospital source.