The drone show and fireworks on Friday evening. / PHOTO: ÑITO SALAS / VIDEO: PEDRO J. QUERO

Spectacular drone and firework shows light up the sky to mark the start of Malaga Feria

After a three year wait, the city will enjoy eight intense days of celebrations with thousands of visitors expected


When on Saturday, 24 August 2019, the people of Malaga and visitors had their last drinks in the city centre or at the Cortijo de Torres fairground, no-one could have foreseen that it would be necessary to wait three years to enjoy the Malaga Fair again. A total of 1,084 days later and the experience of a pandemic, the city has finally been reunited with its summer celebrations.

The festivities started at ten minutes before midnight last night, Friday 12 August, when a total of 240 drones (120 in each of the locations) rose to the sky from the beaches of La Malagueta and Huelin to stage a show created especially for Malaga called 'Night of party', in what is already considered the largest concentration of these devices flying in unison in Spain.

'Umiles - Drone light show' offered a light show in which the drones directed by specialists drew figures of light in the Malaga sky. At the controls, two pilots, a technical manager, three observers, an operations coordinator and the creator of the choreography.

It was the preamble to the fireworks display set to music. The Malaga sky lit up again with a pyromusical show that was launched from the Port, in the access area to the cruise terminal, by the Valencian company Pirotecnia del Mediterráneo.

The pyrotechnics lasted some twenty minutes where 609.2 kilos of gunpowder were burned in a show sponsored by El Corte Inglés. While the fireworks exploded in the air and thousands of people from Malaga followed it from the beaches or the highest points of the city.

Now the long-awaited festivities are back and the city party for eight intense days (from August 13 to Saturday 20).

Two holidays

This first weekend of the Malaga Fair will coincide with Monday, August 15, which is a national holiday in Spain, while it will also be a holiday, although of a local nature, on Friday the 19th of this month.