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Normal, the Danish low-cost beauty products chain favoured by influencers, to open its first store in Malaga

Normal, the Danish low-cost beauty products chain favoured by influencers, to open its first store in Malaga

The Silkeborg-based company, founded in 2013, is looking for staff ahead of its grand opening in the province

Juan Soto


Tuesday, 4 June 2024, 16:17

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One of the stores preferred by influencers and TikTokers, Normal, is about to land in Malaga. The Danish brand specialising in low-cost beauty products is set to open its first store in the city. Its exact location is unknown, but the company has already started looking for staff prior to the opening.

Normal is looking for a manager for the future shop in Malaga. Through its own employment platform, the chain said it is looking for a person with solid retail experience, able to lead and motivate a team. "You will play a key role in offering our customers a unique shopping experience and you will develop your shop with a team of committed and motivated colleagues," the company said.

Normal claims to offer its customers an innovative retail concept: "We sell completely normal products at fixed low prices". The company offers more than 4,000 products with its range including well-known brands in skin care, hair care, dental, shampoo, make-up and cleaning. Normal constantly replenishes its stock and arranges the aisles in a zigzag pattern, creating a single path, Ikea style, for customers to pass through.

Normal is a Danish retail chain that opened its first shop in the town of Silkeborg in 2013. Since opening in Denmark, the chain has experienced rapid growth, opening more than 680 shops in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Finland and Portugal.

It has now focused its efforts on Spain, where it already has 18 shops. In the region, they can be found in Cadiz, Seville, Granada and Almeria. The company also plans to open its first shop in Cordoba on 13 June.

Another of the unknowns the company has not yet resolved is the date on which the new opening is planned, although everything suggests it will be next summer. Normal usually has stores in large shopping centres, so it is expected the Malaga opening will follow the same pattern.

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