Volunteers at work on Friday. / SUR

Bancosol kicks off its 'Gran Recogida' campaign to help over 53,000 people

Donations will be accepted from the 19 until 25 November in the hope of surpassing the million euros raised in 2020


Costa del Sol food bank, Bancosol, is calling for the support of locals as it kicks off one of its most widespread campaigns in supermarkets on Friday across Malaga province.

As it did in 2020, it will collect money via online donations or in any of the 369 supermarkets involved, where volunteers will be available as information points. This way, Bancosol can buy the exact products for each of the 184 charities that help 53,412 people.

This formula, different to the pre-pandemic one which involved collecting food donations, makes it easier to deal with emergency requests, either from associations, soup kitchens or nursing homes.

Bancosol presented its campaign on Wednesday morning. It mentioned that if in 2020 it raised over a million euros, it hopes that this year it won't fall behind and raise even more. It wants to motivate people so that products can reach those who need them most.

The president of the provincial government, Francisco Salado, said that it's vital that the collection is a success. "This is the most important solidarity action in the province. The work has been tough during the whole pandemic, but very necessary," said Salado.

Bancosol's president, Diego Vázquez, mentioned that they've also worked closely with the provincial government to propel another one of the legs Bancosol stands on- helping people find work.

Vázquez said that in 2020- a catastrophic year for employment- Bancosol helped 107 people find work thanks to its courses and the work placement that comes with them. "We keep breaking records, this year we've now helped 200 people. It all adds up," said the president.