Aena says it will improve the experience of passengers. / sur

Automated access points installed in Malaga Airport security area to speed things up

The 13 machines rapidly scan passengers' boarding passes and open the gates automatically. Previously staff had to be on hand to check the documents

Pilar Martínez

In a move to make it easier for departing passengers to make their way through Malaga Airport, the entry to the security zone has now been improved. Thirteen automated entry points have been installed to scan boarding cards and open automatically, which sources at the Aena airport authority say will be faster than the previous system where staff had to be on hand to check the documents.

“The Scafi system, which contributes to the automation of airport processes, makes it easier to speed up access to the area where security checks take place and this improves the experience for passengers,” they say.

One of the new machines is wider than the others so it can be used by people in wheelchairs and special mobility vehicles. This provides them with more autonomy as they do not have to rely on assistance to get through.

Aena is confident that this new system will help to avoid queues building up at the Costa del Sol airport at Easter and will be welcomed by passengers.