José María Romero: "I haven't stopped smiling all day". / sur

Bumper day for ONCE lottery wins in Malaga province, delivering 750,000 euros in prizes

Ten tickets sold in the centre of Estepona won 40,000 euros each and another ten in Gaucín each proved to be worth 35,000

SUR Malaga

Monday was a lucky day for the ONCE lottery for some people who had bought their tickets in Estepona and Gaucín. Ten tickets bought from José María Romero in the the centre of the Costa del Sol town won 40,000 euros each in the Extra Summer lottery, and ten more bought from Alfonso Jesús Machado in the Serranía de Ronda village also proved to be worth 35,000 each in the normal lottery. In total, 750,000 euros were won in Malaga province.

This was the eighth biggest win for Romero since he started selling lottery tickets for ONCE in 2008. “As soon as I saw the number I liked it, but obviously you can’t have all the numbers,” he said. “I just had a feeling that I was about to sell a winning ticket and now you see, I did! I have helped to make life a bit better for several families. I haven’t stopped smiling all day,” he beamed.