Joakim Broberg in Marbella. / JOSELE

Judge says that case against Joakim Broberg has nothing to do with Marbella council

His breaking of drug-trafficking offences has nothing to do with the mayor for now


The top Madrid-based judge investigating the stepson of Marbella's mayor for alleged drug trafficking offences has stated clearly that the case does not - for the moment - have anything to do with Marbella council or any irregular use of public funds.

Joakim Broberg is to be prosecuted over an alleged operation moving drugs from the Costa to Sweden. He is the son of Lars Broberg from a previous marriage. Lars, who has been investigated but not formally implicated in the same inquiry, is currently married to Marbella mayor Ángeles Muñoz. Muñoz has always stressed it is nothing to do with her.

The judge has also told the leader of the Socialist opposition on Marbella council, José Bernal, that he cannot present a private citizen's accusation as part of the case.

The judge said that it was not clear what Bernal could be accusing the town hall of.