Willy, safely home with his family. / sur

Willy, the parrot stolen from Alhaurín, has been found and returned to his owners

The African Grey was located by the Local Police in Torrealquería after witnesses said they kept hearing a bird calling the name Amanda


Amanda. That was the name that Willy kept repeating over and over again: the African Grey parrot stolen from Alhaurín de la Torre has finally come home after several months, thanks to him constantly calling his owner and the collaboration of local residents.

Officers from the Local Police force recovered Willy from a house in Torrealquería and returned him to his family, who live in Los Pinos de Alhaurín and had reported the theft on 19 May.

During the months that Willy was in the home he had never wanted to go to, he kept calling for Amanda. It convinced the police that he did belong to the family in Los Pinos, because the owners’ daughter is called Amanda.

The owners had begun a campaign asking people to help find Willy and the testimony of various witnesses was key to solving the crime. In fact, it was people living in Torrealquería who rang the police when they suspected that the stolen parrot was in the property there.

From now on, the Guardia Civil will investigate the case. African Grey parrots are worth a lot of money on the black market because they are highly intelligent and have an amazing ability to remember and repeat words.

The mayor of Alhaurín de la Torre, Joaquín Villanova, and the councillor for Public Safety, Pablo Montesinos, publicly congratulated the police who carried out the operation. Willy’s owners also expressed their thanks and gratitude, saying the parrot is a much-loved pet who has lived with them for many years and they hated being without him.