Emergency services at the scene. / SUR

Watch as man is rescued from the roof of his vehicle in middle of fast-flowing river

The emergency services were pressed into action after the man tried to take a regular shortcut through the Guadalhorce


Emergency services in Malaga have rescued a man from the middle of the Guardalorce river after he became trapped in his vehicle mid-stream.

The alarm was raised by a passer-by at around 8.50am this Tuesday, 22 March, after the individual attempted to the use shortcut to reach the village of Zapata, in Malaga municipality of Puerto de la Torre, and became stuck in the river, which this morning had more water and a stronger current than usual.

The driver had to wait for the arrival of the firefighters, sitting on the roof of the vehicle, until he was finally rescued.

Two crews from the Malaga fire brigade were deployed to rescue the driver and get the 4x4 out of the water.

According to sources, it is common for drivers to cross this section of the Guadalhorce, which is located between the La Huertecilla and Zapata industrial estate as a shortcut, since the water is usually low at that point.

The Emergencies 112 Andalucía control centre mobilised firefighters, Local Police, National Police and the Junta’s health services, although the driver did not require medical assistance.