Work on the hiking route gets underway. / SUR

Monda announces project to recover hiking route that connects the town with the Los Morales spring

The renovation of the route, which was damaged in the torrential rains of 2018, has a budget of 40,000 euros and an execution period of two months

Andrea Jiménez

Monda town hall has announced a project to recover the hiking route that connects the town with the Los Morales spring, one of the points of greatest historical value in the municipality. The repair work of the path, which suffered serious deterioration due to the torrential rains of 2018, was one of the main initiatives demanded by the residents of the town in the budgeting process of 2021.

According to the mayor of Monda, María Fernández, 40,000 euros will be invested in the project, which has an execution period of two months.

The mayor pointed out that the poor condition of the path had forced hikers to walk along the river bed, “dodging large stones and steep sinkholes” to access the spring.

“A priority objective of this action is to recover safe accessibility and allow the enjoyment of the path to the Los Morales spring, which is a very special place to visit and enjoy. The project will follow criteria of sustainability, respect and integration with the natural environment,” Fernández explained.

The mayor added that the recovery of this route will add a new attraction to nature tourism in the municipality that adheres to the recent classification of the Sierra de las Nieves as a National Park.”