Members of drug gang arrested for transporting marijuana from Costa del Sol to Netherlands and UK

Members of drug gang arrested for transporting marijuana from Costa del Sol to Netherlands and UK

According to police investigations, the criminals concealed the drugs in sports bags that were loaded into rental vehicles for transport abroad

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Friday, 21 June 2024, 14:56

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Spain's Guardia Civil, as part of an operation codenamed 'Lungs', has dismantled an alleged criminal organisation dedicated to transporting marijuana from Malaga to the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, arresting four people in the process.

According to the police force, the investigations began when it was discovered that a group of individuals were storing large quantities of marijuana and then transporting the drug by road to other European countries.

The gang would travel to different parts of Andalucía, where they would collect already-packaged marijuana and, taking stringent security measures, they transported and allegedly stored the drugs on a property located in Malaga city, the police said.

According to investigations, when they had a sufficient quantity, the group hid the marijuana in sports bags that were then loaded into rented vehicles for transport to other countries, using another vehicle as a shuttle to avoid detection by the security forces.

During the course of this operation, one of the shipments was located and intercepted and nine kilos of marijuana buds and 3,000 euros in cash were seized.

The members of the criminal network were identified and searches were carried out in two houses in the provinces of Malaga and Cordoba, during which 76 kilos of marijuana, 600 grams of hashish, 700 euros in cash, a handgun, two long guns, as well as abundant material for the packaging, sealing and labelling of the narcotic substance were seized, among other items.

Four people were also arrested for alleged membership of a criminal organisation, drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons.

This operation was carried out by members of the organised crime and anti-drugs team (EDOA) of the Guardia Civil command in Malaga with the support of the Cordoba command.

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