Bales of the seized drug. / NATIONAL POLICE

Driver of a passenger van loaded with 27 bales of hashish arrested on the Costa

The rear of the vehicle was very low to the ground, which aroused the suspicions of police officers


The driver of a passenger van was arrested on 13 July by National Police officers after being intercepted on the AP-7, at the Calahonda-Mijas exit, with 27 bales of hashish in the vehicle.

Officers from the organised crime group of the National Police station in Fuengirola became suspicious when they saw the van on the AP-46 motorway, at the Alto de la Pedrizas, with the back excessively sunken despite the fact that there was only one person inside.

For this reason, they followed the van discreetly until, at Fuengirola, the vehicle took a lane towards Marbella and turned off at the Calahonda-Mijas exit, at which point the police officers took advantage of the situation to block it and intercept it.

Inside, 27 bales of hashish were found, weighing a total of 928.8 kilograms, according to the National Police in a statement. The driver was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking, as part of 'operation Twister'. He appeared before a judge and is in jail, awaiting trial.