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Costa del Sol hotels aim to boost holidaymaker numbers from other parts of Spain during Fitur travel fair
Fitur 2024

Costa del Sol hotels aim to boost holidaymaker numbers from other parts of Spain during Fitur travel fair

Although the number of foreign tourists visiting Malaga province was up during a record 2023 for the sector, there was a drop in the number of visitors from the national market

Pilar Martínez


Tuesday, 23 January 2024, 12:21


Hoteliers from the Costa del Sol will arrive at the Fitur tourism trade fair in Madrid with some homework to do. The main one of these is to work to boost the reactivation of the national tourism market, which experienced a decline last year, despite 2023 being the best in history in overall terms.

The Association of Hotel Entrepreneurs of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos) reported that during the past year, Malaga province received a total of 2,092,209 million national holidaymakers between January and October, which represents a drop in the national market of 4.2% compared to the same period in 2022. However, international figures were up 18% more than in 2022 with 3,422,863 hotel guests.

Aehcos will attend Fitur with its president, José Luque, at the helm. In Madrid the Costa's hotel body is aiming to tackle the seasonality of the destination so that each year fewer hotels close in low season both on the coast and inland Malaga province. Aehcos said that since autumn 32 hotels have been closed – 9.3% of the total. Seasonality means that 12,508 beds are inactive, some 13.2% of Aehcos’ total. Of that percentage of hotels, 30% remain closed for renovations and modernisation works.

At Fitur, Aehcos hopes to hold meetings with the directors of the Spanish tourist offices in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen to analyse data on sources and trends of the 2023 results.

Aehcos said that is “a priority to establish recovery strategies for those markets that have not performed positively during the past year in reference to 2019. These are the Nordic market, whose countries have declined for the most part, as well as Germany, with a drop of 7.3% compared to 2019 in the accumulated January and October 2023 data”.

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