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Costa del Sol closes the best summer in history with a 30% increase in tourism revenue

Costa del Sol closes the best summer in history with a 30% increase in tourism revenue

The six million tourists who enjoyed the destination between June and August pumped more than 8 billion euros into the local economy

Pilar Martínez


Tuesday, 3 October 2023, 16:39


More tourists than ever before have flocked to the Costa del Sol this summer and contributed a record amount of money to the local economy.

Turismo Costa del Sol president Francisco Salado said six million tourists spent 8.145 billion euros in Malaga province between the months of June and August. The record figure is a 30% increase compared to the best year for tourism in the province, which was 2019.

"We have had a really good June, July and August for the sector. This summer six million tourists have arrived, which is an increase of 4.8% over last year and 5.7% more than before the pandemic," Salado said.

Expectations are also high for the next three months. "We are optimistic because the data encourages us," Salado said. The number of seats available to fly to the Costa del Sol has increased by 23.4% over September, October and November, with an increase from 119 to 122 cities connected, as well as the number of airlines operating.

But Salado pointed out that not as many Spaniards are travelling this year compared to last year. He attributed this slow down to a rise in mortgages and the increase in inflation. "We have practically recovered the international travellers we had before the pandemic. We have only 0.3% less than the figure that marked what until then had been the Costa del Sol's best tourist year," he said.


The United Kingdom represented the strongest market for the Costa del Sol, followed by France, the Netherlands and Germany. French, Dutch and German passengers have surpassed the levels of 2019 with increases of 14%, 35.9% and 12.8%. There has also been a 22.6% increase in Italians visiting Malaga province this summer.





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