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Cold and rain give way to summer-like temperatures on the Costa del Sol

Cold and rain give way to summer-like temperatures on the Costa del Sol


The mercury could hit 30C in parts of Malaga province this weekend, but what will it be like for Easter week?

Ignacio Lillo


Tuesday, 7 March 2023, 17:06

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Coats and scarves will give way this weekend to T-shirts, shorts and even swimsuits as temperatures are expected to hit up to 30C on the Costa del Sol this weekend.

Early summer-like weather is predicted from Friday, with high maximum temperatues and equally mild lows.

According to the director of Spain's Aemet weather agency, Jesús Riesco, the pleasant temperatures will affect inland and coastal areas. Antequera can expect highs of 29 degrees between Sunday and Monday while Marbella, will be slightly cooler at around around 26 degrees.

The early summer will soon revert back into spring when temperatures drop back down towards the 22C mark come Wednesday, however.

Easter week?

The big question that many people from Malaga province are asking what the weather will be like at Easter? Jesús Riesco, warned, «It is still a long way off, spring is an unstable time».

According to his calculations, the forecast for Easter may not be clear until one week beforehand due to the unstable nature of the current weather. «I remember 2019, until the Wednesday before Easter it was very stable and then suddenly it changed; You have to be very careful predicting the weather at this time of year.«

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