Violent gang of robbers posing as police officers smashed after ambushing Chinese businessmen in Malaga

Officers have arrested 15 individuals in connection with eight incidents after the criminals were tipped off when important business deals were being closed

Irene Quirante


Wednesday, 19 June 2024, 16:48

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A group of Chinese businessmen was violently attacked and robbed by gang of people who were posing as police officers in Malaga.

They stopped the victims who were about to close an important business deal after receiving intelligence from an "unfaithful" trader part of the group. The crime report of the first victim, who was robbed of 70,000 euros after being beaten in the Guadalhorce industrial estate area, set in motion the police operation which resulted in 15 arrests, seven of whom have been imprisoned.

The gang was responsible for eight robberies, which were committed with violence. Two of them occurred in Malaga city, another three in Antequera, two in the Seville towns of Estepa and Los Palacios and one in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz). According to Malaga provincial police station, the thieves are said to have made off with a haul of 290,000 euros.

The gang allegedly counted among its members an "unfaithful" businessman who had a close relationship with the victims, who had businesses located in the Carretera Amarilla business park in Seville. According to investigators, this person was the one who provided first-hand information to the rest of the gang so they could ambush the victims when they were on their way to carry out an important transaction involving the purchase and sale of textiles.

Tracking devices

The robbers approached the businessmen in the area of the industrial estates, while in others, they stopped them as they were driving on the motorway, where the attackers violently snatched the money while they pretended to be police officers.

The gang had placed tracking devices in the vehicles of their targets in order to know their position in real time, according to police investigators.

The gang had a well-defined structure and a clear division of roles among its members, with "straw" men renting vehicles in their name to be used by third parties, others who were in charge of tracking victims' vehicles, and the perpetrators executing the attacks.

In the first phase of the operation, police arrested 11 people for their alleged responsibility in the robberies and carried out nine searches in Seville, Dos Hermanas and Utrera. National Police officers seized 43,540 euros in cash, seven vehicles, Guardia Civil uniforms, a flashbang device, and mobile phones.

Asset investigation

Malaga provincial police station's asset investigation unit then launched an investigation into one of the gang members, as well as their companies linked to the suspect. Investigators uncovered money laundering operations by analysing bank accounts held by members of the scheme or by companies to which they were linked.

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