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Change of weather on the way with possible rain and thunderstorms in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol this weekend
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Change of weather on the way with possible rain and thunderstorms in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol this weekend

Spain's state weather agency Aemet has raised the probability of showers in some areas to 95% on Saturday, due to the arrival of a new front

Almudena Nogués


Thursday, 18 April 2024, 21:55


The weather in Spain is traditionally unstable, and so it is again with a new twist in the meteorological script. After a start to the week marked by high temperatures - with highs of up to 35C degrees - and tropical nights the thermometers will ease off with sharp drops in temperatures while the arrival of an isolated weather trough at a high altitude could bring occasional rainfall to the Andalucía. "It will bring weather instability during the weekend in the southern half of Spain with possible rain and thunderstorms," said the spokesperson for Aemet, the state weather agency, Rubén del Campo.

In the case of Malaga province, the agency has raised the probability of rain on Saturday to 65% or more, especially in parts of the eastern strip of the Costa del Sol such as Rincon de la Victoria (95%), Velez-Malaga (90%), Torrox (70%) or Nerja (65%). The possibility is also high in Manilva (80%), Ronda (75%), Estepona (70%) and Marbella (65%). In Malaga city Aemet has set the probability at 60%.

"Tomorrow, Friday, the easterly wind will take centre stage with strong gusts on the coast of Malaga and in the Ronda and Antequera areas. The skies will be cloudy due to the humid wind and a few drops of rain may escape in mountain areas," said local weather expert José Luis Escudero on his SUR blog 'Tormentas y Rayos' (Storms and Lightning . "During the afternoon in inland areas, the clouds will evolve and grow and there will be a probability of showers in Extremadura, which could spread to mountainous areas of Andalucía. They will generally be scattered, but may be accompanied by thunderstorms", agreed Del Campo.

On Saturday there is a probability of thunderstorms in some parts of Malaga province, "being more likely in inland and mountain areas," said Escudero, adding: "These are typical spring storms, which are unlikely to add much to the reservoirs. As for maximum and minimum temperatures, they will be within the average range for the time of year or a little lower". Aemet forecasts that on Saturday the mercury in Malaga city will hover between a minimum of 15C and 21 degrees maximum.

For Sunday: "It will be cooler in the early morning, but the maximum temperatures will be higher than on Saturday. The probability of precipitation is low. No strong gusts of wind are expected", said José Luis Escudero. For the same day, Aemet forecasts highs of 24C in Malaga city.

"The arrival of a retrograde high level depression could produce a sharp drop in the temperatures that could be persistent and widespread in many parts of Spain, accompanied by rain and some late snowfall this month. But, before that, another Atlantic weather system could generate storms in areas of the west and south of the Spanish mainland over the weekend", according to the specialised portal Meteored. The most affected areas could be the Extremadura and Andalucía regions and parts of Castilla-La Mancha," the experts added.

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